D.O.N. Issue #1


On June 26, adidas formally introduced Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell’s first signature sneaker, D.O.N. Issue #1. The new silhouette focuses on supporting his unmatched vertical leap and speed while paying tribute to Mitchell’s nickname through a collection of four Marvel Super Hero colorways, set to release July 1.

Just as many Super Heroes have to overcome their own adversity, Mitchell’s unconventional path to the NBA provides inspiration for those who face challenges in their own life. His journey, coupled with his positive outlook through hardship, led to the decision to name his signature line D.O.N. Issue #1, as a testament to Mitchell’s Determination Over Negativity.

“Determination Over Negativity is a belief that anything is possible no matter who you are or where you come from,” said Mitchell. “I wanted this sneaker to be a symbol of that – for the kid who believes they can do anything.”


Available July 1.


Available July 18.


Available August 1.


Available August 31.

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The Players' Tribune Article

by Donovan Mitchell

I already know the first question you’re going to ask.

“Donovan, why is your mom the guest editor for this story?”

I’m asking myself the same thing right now.

Of all the people in the world with incriminating evidence on me, my mom probably tops the list. She’s got all the embarrassing stories. The thing is: She doesn’t trust me, you guys. My mother does not trust me with my homework assignments. This goes way back.

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Acts of Kindness: Scholarship Gift

On March 21, shortly after the Jazz played the Hawks in Atlanta, Donovan Mitchell surprised his fourth grade teacher and her daughter with a $25,000 scholarship check for her final year of college. The gift was a joint donation from Donovan’s SPIDACARES foundation, Adidas, and Foot Locker.

Donovan has long known the Peart/Brooks family as Deborah Peart was his fourth grade teacher at Greenwich Country Day School, Connecticut. Her daughter Naja Brooks, who is also a GCDS alum, currently attends Savannah College of Arts and Design.

Earlier in the day, Deborah and Naja were treated to shopping at Foot Locker and courtside tickets to the game. After warmups, Donovan gave Naja a pair of signed Asterisk Collective Tresc Runs. This memorable day held one more special surprise for Naja: when Donovan handed her the scholarship check, she was overcome with emotion, knowing what a difference it would make to her family and to her education.

Donovan’s foundation SPIDACARES is dedicated to empowering women and positively impacting communities by leveling the playing field in health, education, and athletics for children and their families. Donovan is also committed to making change through acts of kindness as one of the six initial creative ambassadors of The Asterisk Collective, a platform launched by Foot Locker in partnership with Adidas to help creators spread positivity, support their communities, and inspire others to be true to themselves.

“They were there for us when I was younger,” says Donovan. “I’m just really happy to give back.”

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After a fan shouted degrading remarks at Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook during the game on March 11, Donovan Mitchell felt it was important to have display of solidarity.

Mitchell and his teammates came up with the idea for a shirt showing two clasped hands. At the game on March 16, all Utah Jazz and Brooklyn Nets players, coaches, and staff wore the shirt prior to tipoff.

“To have two playoff teams go out there and step aside and take a moment for something that’s bigger than basketball, it shows where we are today and where we are as teams and as a league,” says Mitchell. “It was important for us to do this and I’m glad we did it.” 

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